Standing Our Ground

Standing Our Ground

Our Demands

End the 10-year tax abatement

  • Money from this could fund the land bank

  • Created the conditions for the aggressive gentrification we are experiencing

Stop sending active gardens to sheriff sale

  • Call for a moratorium on sheriff sales of active gardens

Provide gardens REAL security and pathways to community ownership:

  • Give out longer term leases not just garden agreements

    • Offer leases with purchase options

  • Ongoing Transparency around Expression of Interest(EOI):

    • # submitted, # processed, # granted (by garden too, not only parcel)

  • Transparency of leases/garden agreements given out:

    • Public access to list of gardens that hold city leases and garden agreements

  • Community notification of LB lists of properties being acquired

  • Give out leases to unincorporated orgs, not just non-profits